Pushing on open doors and open studios

The theme that runs through my life as an artist is that I need to push constantly. Doors to opportunities don’t open on their own. It can feel like a set back at times, and life is full of custard pies, but carry on pushing them and the golden opportunities will present themselves when you keep showing up.

I read a book some years ago about lucky people. The message was clear that luck doesn’t come knocking, it’s the lucky people that go looking. The more you search for chances and new breaks, the more become available. I’m in the market for gateways to uplifting new adventures and intend to share them far and wide.

Last weekend I had the privilege of opening my own studio door to the general public in my first ever open studio event. Not only was this a hugely rewarding experience, but I’m thrilled to say that it will be repeated on the first weekend of every month from now on.

With a great deal of planning and some careful thought, it genuinely feels like an exciting start to a new era for me.

In the spirit of the eternal push, I’m striking while the iron is hot and will bring regular news to you here on my website about anything art within my sphere. New opportunities, exhibitions, work and techniques and pretty much anything else that pops into my mind can be found here from now on.

As my own studio is in the heart of the Midlands in beautiful Leicestershire, bordering Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, I feel uniquely placed to reach fellow creatives in this part of our beautiful land and beyond.

Come and enjoy the warm welcome of my own studio and those of my fellow creators at the Ferrers Centre for Arts and Crafts, at Staunton Harold Hall.

Drop in here to my website to follow the latest news.

Walk with me on my creative meander and let’s see which doors are ready to be pushed.