Landscape Drawing – Saturday 23rd March 2024


10am-4pm £75.00

A day of mark making and experimentation with a variety of materials. The emphasis is on fearless drawing to create loose, vibrant drawings.

A really fun day.

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Drawing is such an important part of my process now. As soon as I learned how to draw for fun and take away the fear of going wrong, my drawing and painting improved immediately.

Spend a day in the studio, using a variety of materials and tools to find your style, develop your skills and learn to draw in a free and fearless way. This is a lovely day of exploration.

Using the landscape as our inspiration, we will work from images provided in the studio, or any images you would like to bring with you.

All materials are included. You are welcome to bring lunch with you or visit the deli or tea rooms in the courtyard. Both are excellent.