I pride myself on creating artwork that is individually tailored for my clients.

As well as my landscapes and abstract work, I happily produce pet portraits, starting at £70 for Acrylic paintings on A4 box canvas, and £150 for A3 Oil paintings on canvas, mounted, backed and wrapped.

If you would like to consider commissioning me, I can meet you for a free consultation to discuss what you would like. Any work agreed will be quoted and the price is fixed unless alterations are made to the commission. All work is completed to your satisfaction.

Timescales are agreed prior to accepting the commission but I normally try to complete the work within 30 days. This can vary depending upon the number of commissions I have on at any one time.

To discuss your ideas, please call on 07887 750 581 or email me at (Not a direct link to stop spamming)

I look forward to discussing your ideas.

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